Details Of All Fees

List of all fees associated with Your BuffPay card by Visa®

No fees till 31/3/22. After this date the company reserves the right to collect the fees listed in the chart below

Getting Started

Monthly Fee



* exclusive offer for limited time
per active account per month
Using your card

Withdrawal ATM fee


ATM declined Fee


ATM inquiring fee


ATM deposit


* Charges are per inquiry/transaction, you may also be charged a fee by the ATM operators

ACH returns


Dispute fee (per transaction)


This is a third party fees and subject to change

Pull /Push funds fee


Money Wiring

Domestic wires (incoming)


International wire (incoming)


Per transfer via Customer Service Agent. Fee is assessed to transferor’s account when the transfer is processed.
These are third party fee and subject to change

International Activity

Foreign exchange fees


Cross border fees

1% +0.3$

Per foreign transaction. Calculated based on the U.S. Dollar amount of the purchase transaction or cash withdrawal. Charged in addition to any applicable Purchase Transaction Fee or OTC Withdrawal Fee.

Physical card’s fees

Card issuance fee


per custom card including delivery

Card replacement


per lost, stolen, or damaged card replace